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DPO Card Self Care Portal


“A self-care portal is available for all DPO Card holders to manage basic card activities.”

my.dumacard.com is the cardholder’s main point of reference to manage their DumaCard and perform quick selfceare options.

The support centre is also included in the portal with vast resources covering:

  • FAQ’s
  • Fee structure
  • Terms & conditions
  • Quick Tips & much more

Key Features of the Self Care Portal

Login & Activate Card

  • First time login will require you to change your password.
  • Click on “Activate Card” to start using your DumaCard.

Manage Your Balance

  • Located on the left section of the home page.
  • Your card will may have up to 6 difference wallets thus reflect different balances at a time.

View Your Transaction History

  • Located on the right section of the home page.
  • You can see the last 24 transactions of your card.

Block Your Card

  • Protect your card value incase of theft or loss.

Why is DPO Card The Ultimate Settlement Tool?

DPO merchants have multiple options when it comes to receiving their settlement via Easy Settlement with the ability to split their funds to different accounts. THAT’S WHERE

Benefits Of DPO Card As a Settlement Option

  • Minimum settlement balance is as low as USD 20
  • Merchants can receive settlement in their own local currency as the DPO Card is a multi-currency card. (No FX loss)
  • Instant settlement to card once DPO releases the funds
  • Merchants enjoy split settlement to Bank, MNO and now… DPO CARD!

How To Setup A DPO Card For Settlement (5 easy steps)


1) Card Creation

The DPO Card team creates a card for the merchant based on the user details in the DPO merchant account. 

Part of the new on-boarding program will require all users to be created for a DPO Card which can be setup to receive settlements.



2) Setup Request

A ticket is created when a merchant sends the supporting documents e.g. Board resolution to DPO customer care team with instructions for settlement, if the Payoneer details are different from DPO Card.

Escalates the supporting documents to the Risk Dept based on existing ticket SLA.



3) Risk Review

Reviews the supporting documents and approves/ declines the request.

Once approved/declined, the ticket is reassigned to the DPO customer care team for further action. Based on existing SLA.



4) Card Setup

If it was approved, the DPO customer care team assigns the ticket to DPO Card customer care to obtain the Card pack ID and cardholder names based on existing ticket SLA.

Ticket is returned to DPO customer care and the agent sets up the DPO Card as a settlement card but not as the default.

The DPO customer care agent escalates for approval and once approved response is sent to the merchant and the ticket closed.



5) Merchant Settlement

Merchant sends a request to DPO support with instructions on their next settlement before the cut-off (48hrs to date of settlement).

On settlement date, the money is debited from the merchants’ account and pushed to the settlement bank Module. *

Settlement file is generated and sent to the finance team for action to settle merchants as per settlement file.