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Staff Program

Loading Fees is set at 1% of the load amount upto a maximum of $2
Staff Card Fees
1. Card Activation N/A
2. Monthly Maintenance N/A
3. Card Replacement $7
4. ATM Withdrawal (Domestic) Charge for ATM cash withdrawal (acquirer charge to apply) $2
4. ATM Withdrawal (International) Charge for ATM cash withdrawal (acquirer charge to apply) $4
Transaction Limits ( Credits)
  Credits e.g Per diem
1. Total Velocity 1. 25 1. 36,000
2. Monthly Velocity 2. 750 2. 300,000
3. Yearly Velocity 3. 9,000 3. 3,600,000
Transaction Limits (Debits)
  Debits e.g ATM, E-com
1. Total Velocity 1. 10 1. 6,500
2. Monthly Velocity 2. 160 2. 40,000
3. Yearly Velocity 3. 1800 3. 450,000


About DPO Card

The DPO Card centre is a hub of information created to share information about the product internally while giving our staff members a platform to give us feedback. 

The information centre contains articles that affect you as staff and the card holders we support with informative titles such as:

  • How to setup up a DPO Card for settlement?
  • How much does the DPO Card cost?
  • & much more! 

The DPO Card can be used by merchants as a single or multiple-use card and can be topped up regularly using mobile money so users do not have to have a bank account in order to be able to use the card.

As a multi-currency card, it can be used across Africa as well as internationally, and in local currencies.

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